Property Management

Thank you for your considering our property management services. One of our main goals is to effectively market your property to attract and secure qualified tenants for your property in the shortest possible time. But this should only the beginning. Once the tenant has been placed in the property, we monitor the property, ensure that rent is collected timely, ensure that repairs are completed by reputable tradespeople and with quality, provide any required notices to tenants at no charge to you, and much more.

We have systems in place to effectively run the property management business and maximize the income of your property. They include best practices such as following checklists for tenant screening, hiring qualified contractors for repairs, and utilizing direct-debits (“ACH Debits) to collect rents directly from tenant bank accounts. We also work closely with one of the state’s top eviction attorneys who also help us keep up to date with changes in State’s Tenant Law/Landlord Laws as well as providing us with guidance when needed, at no additional cost to you.

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